The Ultimate Christmas Miracle

While you’re gathered together warm in your homes with your Christmas dinner, your family and friends, remember what brings us all together this weekend. The birth of Jesus Christ. The beginning of the most incredible time in history–the only time the Son of God would live as we do. Being born. Growing up. Learning in school and from parents. Going through puberty (*shudders*). Coming of age and leaving home. These are all things he did, just like we do.

Remember that Christ was born in a manger. Mary had contractions and gave birth on a cave floor. Bless her.

Remember that Christ went through the ups and downs of childhood. We hear of him teaching in the temple and “going about his Fathers business” and hear it as an inspiration, but compared to the other kids, he was probably a “weirdo”. He was different. He probably had kids who wouldn’t play with him. He might not have been asked to the Jerusalem High prom. However you want to relate this to yourself. He knows what it’s like to feel different.

Remember that Christ often had nothing. When he started his ministry, he was homeless. Telling his apostles to not think of food nor rament was probably from personal experience. He had to learn to trust God, that he would provide.

Remember that Christ was a refugee. Mary, Joseph and Jesus had to avoid Herods creed to kill all the children. Even in his adult life, Jesus and his disciples had to travel all over the Middle East.

Above all, remember what Christ taught: “As ye have done it even unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” That’s the good and bad we do. Persecute neighbors for having differing beliefs? Ye have done it unto Him. Disowned a family member?   Ye have done it unto Him. Refused to give of your abundance to help those with nothing?  Ye have done it unto Him.

But luckily for us, the opposite is true. Resisted condescending a family member, and loved them instead?  Ye have done it unto Him. Shoveled someone’s driveway?  Ye have done it unto Him. Made your roommate dinner and did the dishes?  Ye have done it unto Him.

It may not seem like much. And I don’t believe our judgement will be all of our good actions weighed against our bad ones. But when you feel like raising your voice, if you have the urge to be resentful, remember the baby boy born in a manger that changed the world because of His kindness. If you can’t do it for someone else, if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for Him who gave His life that you may know the meaning of true joy and happiness.


Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and may God bless you all.




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