To My Friends: I Can’t Be There For You

I am an extrovert with social anxiety. In addition to that, I major in communication. Literally every day I study and practice talking to people. That’s the career path I’ve chosen. 

But I have limits. I’m a thermometer that doesn’t get below 70 degrees. Spending time at school and work brings me to a rapid boil. There is so much pent up tension and energy just waiting to explode. 

Forgive me if I leave early. Forgive me if I don’t come. Forgive me if we don’t talk for weeks or months. Forgive me if I decline your call.

I’m healing.

Every day it’s a trial of my faith to leave my apartment. I can’t be alone, but I also can’t have company. I’m a living contradiction just trying to find a balance within chaos. 

Forgive me, but I can’t be there for you. 

Without effort, I take upon others feelings for myself. I feel your pain, your anxiety, your illness. Sometimes it is as real as if it were my own. With everything I’m trying to deal with, I can’t handle your burdens on top of that.

But I know someone who can.

Jesus Christ came to feel my pain. He felt my insecurity, my frustration, and my fear. He endured all the boiling I’ve ever felt. He felt all of your pains and illnesses, too. He is the only person who can understand you completely. He knows you. He has been in your shoes.

Don’t put all your confidence in a frail mortal being. Instead, embrace your Savior. He has already done all I could ever dream of doing for you. 


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