Becoming a family advocate

I’ve spent the last four months studying The Family Proclamation in my Eternal Families class. No religion class (or any class) has opened my heart and my eyes in such a short amount of time.

I come from a pretty broken home. We didn’t pray as a family, have family home evening, or go to church together. There were times that there was no peace to be found in our home. Instead of a refuge, it was a Hell. For the longest time, I felt like my home was a prison.

While things have since improved as situations have changed, I am still passionate about preparing myself to follow the standards in The Family Proclamation so that my future home can be a haven for my family.

I used to not want to get married. I used to not want children. I felt it would all be too much of a burden, for me and me on others. I didn’t want to risk screwing up a kid or tying down a husband who would rather be elsewhere.

My perspective has completely changed. Yes, it is all a risk. But the family is central to God’s plan. I had heard that a million times, but it hasn’t set in until now. We literally cannot succeed in this life or the next without a family. Yes, we were sent here to receive a body and be tested and tried. But with that body we were given a piece of God’s power: to create other bodies. Something that used to gross me out is such a beautiful principle now.

I am an advocate for the family.

Right now the family unit is under attack. Satan is working overtime to break apart families, ruin testimonies, and confuse individuals of their eternal identity. There are so many voices for evil, and few for light.

Below are some memes I created for my class final Advocacy project. Please feel free to use them, share them, hang them up, whatever you see fit. Inspire yourself and those around you.




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