“Get Well!” Cactus

Tradition, according to the Oxford Dictionary, can be described as:

 A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on.

Such is so with the “Get Well!” cactus.

Long before the creation of the earth, cacti have been given as gifts in times of grief, sadness, and illness. Cacti are a sign of health, hope, and endurance. Even in harsh conditions, cacti can thrive. They store their own water and have a spiky armor to protect against predators.

Aaannnnnd that’s a load of garbage. Well, all of it might not be, but I totally did just make that up.

The real story: I can’t even remember.

Once upon a time in Sunday School, we had two teachers that were absolutely hilarious. They made the gospel make sense. So one of them, can’t remember who, was talking about giving “Get Well!” cactuses to someone when they were sick. My very good friends and I in the class turned it into an inside joke (like we did a lot of things they said, including the Baby Gap, oil lamps, etc). Often since then, as a group of friends, we will give each other cacti when we are ill.

Random? Sure. Awesome? Yes.

When I was buying the cactus pictured above, the cashier asked me if I wanted my cactus in a bag, or if I was going to carry it out with the little handle. Needless to say, I showed that puppy off.

What weird traditions do you have?


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