The Little Things

Today was a good day.

Since I’ve starting working, they usually aren’t super great days. My job can be very stressful, and my boss can be a real pill sometimes.

So, today, I am grateful for the little things.

Pretzels. Flowers blooming in my yard. Babies. My favorite boy telling me he loves me. Funny jokes. Dumb jokes. Mustard. My boss saying, “Good, good.” Lemonade. My favorite song coming on the radio twice. Cute karate kids. Joking with my brother (a missionary soon to return) about him starting to date (apparently he likes Latin women, which makes that a thousand times funnier). Smiles. Hanging out at my favorite family’s house.

All of these things, although small, are all tender mercies from the Lord. We were placed on this earth to find joy, not to be miserable.

What little things to do you appreciate about life?


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