Soul Food

And the spirit and the body are the soul of man. – D&C 88:15

Since leaving for college, I’ve had a hard time spiritually. I go to Brigham Young University-Idaho. What the heck is up with that, right? Well, I, being still some what new to the whole church thing, struggle every once and a while with having church 24/7. So I decided that what church-ness acted upon me was enough, and I stopped studying my scriptures and often forgot to pray. This is one big reason I’m waiting to leave on a mission, because I need to get back into the swing of studying the scriptures and etc. That is feeding your spirit: feasting on the word of God.

Another important type of feasting is my favorite…FOOD! For your physical body. During my junior high years, I was extremely shy and very self-conscious. I felt like I was fat and ugly, and sometimes I wouldn’t eat, because I didn’t want to be fat and ugly anymore. I felt like if people saw me eat (no matter what it was, even if it was healthy), they would judge me. So I didn’t. This makes me want to grab my old self by the shoulders and shake her and say, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! Who cares what other people think! You are your own kind of beautiful!” But off that soapbox for a bit. Eating is important. Eating the right things is even more important.

Ever since December, I’ve been pretty sick. At school, I didn’t eat anything that was really very good for me at all, because I was too poor to buy good food. So Ramen it was. But about a week ago I was feeling extremely sick, and my lovely best friend who is training to be an army medic gave me a exercise plan and told me what I should eat, when, how much, etc. It has only been a week, but I’m already feeling better than I have in forever.

In D&C 88:15 we learn that the soul is made up of the BODY and SPIRIT. So BOTH need food! In order to get my soul in peak condition for a mission, I’ve made this chart: (I am slightly obsessed with charts)


By remembering my prayers, repenting daily, reading the WoG (Word of God), exercising my body and keeping it healthy, I’m starting on my path to a healthy soul.

Something I’ve been experimenting with is quinoa. Uncooked quinoa smells like…earth. Vegan. Sadness. But once it’s cooked and mixed with a bunch of stuff, it’s actually really good. I’ve been using a lot of recipes from The Garden Grazer. Definitely check out her blog. Today I made her Mexican Quinoa Salad (pictured) with a few variations because I didn’t have certain ingredients.

What do you like to eat (spiritually or physcially) that makes you feel good?


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