Payson Utah Temple

Be An Influence for Good

I’ve decided that my Facebook posts were getting a little too long, and a little too bloggy…so I decided the obvious solution to this problem was to create a blog! *pow* Mind blown, right? Well I guess that goes to show you how much of a Communications Major I’m becoming.

For my first official post, I’d like to explain the title of my blog: influence4good. I chose this title for several reasons:

#1 influenceforgood was already taken

#2 There is a lot of junk going on in the world. War, death, gossip, violence, starvation, hatred…basically everything I hate. And that is all we hear about. The “still small voices” of the world, or the people who listen to it, have been stilled by the roars of the world. And that isn’t okay with me.

Recently I have made a commitment to serving an LDS mission. This means I will give up 18 months of my life, finances, etc, to serving Jesus Christ, and preaching the good news to all of the world. Or anyone who will listen. Both. Now, I’m not leaving for a while. I’ll explain that decision later. I’ve created this blog to not only document my “pre-mission adventures” as I like to call them, but to have a lasting home to document my testimony and progress as I prepare to serve God’s children.


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